Your personal spy

Day after day, we are – independently of our “free will” - watched not by people but by algorithms and i-devices. Amazon, Netflix and other shops track the literature or movies we bought or we were interested about recently and the, and send us the suggestion and offers other positions of books and movies because they know our habits, they’ve got data about us and our preferences.

Google or  Facebook watch and record what we do, say, post and after all prepare  advertisements on the assumption what we do. Google can change our web search results assuming what we have searched last time. So we are depending on computers but also we are more or less taken hostage of technology. When your data are stored in a computer, there is always a real risk that of disclosure: this may be a risk of accidental disclosure, if a hacker or some criminal breaks and steal our data, but it may be also disclosure for purpose, when our data is a target for the organization. It may be also the risk that another organization will demand the access to our data. In USA the Federal Bureau of Investigation has power to serve a demand called “National Security Letter” on for example Google, demanding details about our email and recorded habits. Of course, every time we're judged by algorithms, there's the potential for false positives, we have to be accustomed to this. But is it still ok, when your own computer monitors you online, and for that data collection and analysis only to count as a potential privacy invasion when a person sees it?